We built this for you.

We believe great veterinary medicine begins with appreciating the uniqueness about every dog or cat. Every pet is different – each has unique genetic and environmental factors. Care should be tailored to their specific situation. Moreover, we believe that you, as the pet owner, are a powerful ally in keeping your pet happy and healthy. We have been serving the people and pets of Belleville for many years, and have opened our own animal hospital because we believe you deserve affordable access to the best that veterinary medicine has to offer. So give us a call – after all, we built this for you.

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Our Veterinary Services

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    Lifelong preventive medicine is one of our priorities and crucial for your pet’s longevity and quality of life. Wellness services include:
    → Puppy and Kitten care
    → Comprehensive Physical exams
    → Heartworm testing and prevention
    → Intestinal parasite screening and prevention
    → Flea and Tick prevention
    → Microchipping (www.homeagain.com)
    → Diagnostic blood, urine and fecal screening for our older
    → Behavior consultations

    Lifelong wellness care
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    When your pet requires a surgical procedure, we are here for you! Whether it is a routine elective procedure or a more extensive soft tissue or orthopedic procedure our experienced and well trained staff can help. We use the safest and most advanced anesthetic and pain management protocols along with advanced monitoring so your pet receives a standard of care similar to a human hospital.

    Surgical Care
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    As our pets age, it is inevitable that problems will arise. Our goal is the early detection of chronic disease and the prompt diagnosis of sudden illness. We have in house blood analyzers and a comprehensive array of diagnostics available through our reference laboratory.
    Sometimes accidents happen! Whether it’s a toxic substance or a trauma that has harmed your pet, we will make sure to do everything we can to find the proper course of action. We see daytime emergencies during business hours, and we also have multiple 24 hour emergency hospitals within a short distance if your pet needs ICU overnight care.

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    It is estimated that up to 80% of our pets have some form of dental disease. Your pets physical exam will include a comprehensive oral exam to determine if any dental disease is present . Our findings will be discussed and a treatment plan formulated to make sure your pets mouth is healthy and pain free. Whether it is a routine cleaning or advanced surgical treatment and extraction of teeth we can help your pet be much healthier and more comfortable.

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    We employ the latest in digital radiography to provide us with the most detailed and diagnostic X-rays possible.

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    We are a truly comprehensive animal hospital. A few of our other services include:
    ○ Ultrasound
    ○ In-House Pharmacy
    ○ End-of-Life care

    Other Services
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Where technology meets compassion.

Our vision is to bring the best that state-of-the-art veterinary medical technology has to offer right to your dog or cat. But that’s not enough. In order to practice truly great veterinary medicine, this needs to be a place that you and your pet feel welcome, comfortable, and heard. You are an indispensable ally to us in keeping your pet healthy and happy, and every single thing we do is meant to enrich and strengthen that partnership. Because at the end of the day, your pet is family.

A word from our clients…

Dr. Dasher and Dr. Driscoll are kind, approachable, knowledgeable and most of all professional people who I have been taking my pets to for years. Highly recommend!


Dr. Dasher and Dr. Driscoll are amazing I could not imagine ever taking my pups to anyone else! Highly recommend them, they really are the best!!


This is a first class operation with great people running it. We drive quite a bit further to take our dog here and its worth it.


Dr. Dasher and Dr. Driscoll are outstanding. I am very excited about their new venture. They are the best in my book! I look forward to their continued care of my pets.


I couldn’t imagine taking my animals to any other vets. They are the BEST!

Mary Jo