It is estimated that up to 80% of our pets have some form of dental disease. Your pets physical exam will include a comprehensive oral exam to determine if any dental disease is present . Our findings will be discussed and a treatment plan formulated to make sure your pets mouth is healthy and pain [...]

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As our pets age, it is inevitable that problems will arise. Our goal is the early detection of chronic disease and the prompt diagnosis of sudden illness. We have in house blood analyzers and a comprehensive array of diagnostics available through our reference laboratory. Sometimes accidents happen! Whether it’s a toxic substance or a trauma [...]

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Surgical Care

When your pet requires a surgical procedure, we are here for you! Whether it is a routine elective procedure or a more extensive soft tissue or orthopedic procedure our experienced and well trained staff can help. We use the safest and most advanced anesthetic and pain management protocols along with advanced monitoring so your pet [...]

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Lifelong wellness care

Lifelong preventive medicine is one of our priorities and crucial for your pet’s longevity and quality of life. Wellness services include: → Puppy and Kitten care → Comprehensive Physical exams → Heartworm testing and prevention → Intestinal parasite screening and prevention → Flea and Tick prevention → Microchipping ( → Diagnostic blood, urine and fecal [...]

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